Searches Unlimited is New York’s leading privately held Recruiting Firm

Searches Unlimited matches leading organizations with talented professionals to catapult their teams and corporations to the next level by increasing performance, growth, and giving them a leading edge over competitors. In today’s highly competitive market you need talent that’s going to drive and stimulate success and results.

We understand the emotions involved in hiring a new employee with that in mind; we take the time to really understand our clients, organization, culture and specific hiring needs.

Expert Sourcing

Hire the right talent for your team or project while cutting your time and effort in half

Concierge recruiting services pre-screen candidates, exams, etc.

Payroll processing

Our Payroll will make it easy for your company to focus on daily core business initiatives by relieving the administrative burdens as well as legal obligations, of payroll processing. This can be beneficial to your corporation with the improvements of timekeeping strategies and guaranteed compliance with all aspect of unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation obligations. This can be critical if your current payroll processing occurs in multiple locations. With Searches Unlimited Payroll Services, you can count on consistent and uniform application of all federal, state, and local legal obligations. This service is ideal for Part-time Employees, Contractors, Interns, Freelance, and Projects.

We are hands-on with every function of the payroll process, from preparing documentation for your review to delivering final paychecks. The time that’s saved in addition to the improved application and cost-control benefits more than offsets service fees.

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